Monday, January 30, 2017

January's 2017 Quilting Projects

I have been working on a few projects this month. First is the Block of the Month from 2013 that I shared on the blog. I started out great and managed to keep up with the patterns I was posting until October. Then that year's move took over and I was only able to post the patterns for the blocks. It was a couple of months until I got my sewing room unpacked and the BOM took a back seat. I finally finished the blocks and assembled the quilt in Oct. of 2015. I received it back from the quilter in Dec. and finally finished binding it this month. This quilt is for me and I have appreciated it because we have spent a good many days below the freezing point since it's completion.
I also completed a small quilt featuring a cross stitch that I worked on in 2016. I found the stitching pattern online a few years ago and I have not been able to find it again so I can't give credit to the designer(Sorry). Once again I changed things, I added more smoke and the front garden. I like to make my cross stitch projects into small quilts rather than framing them because it's less expensive and the play nicely with my the rest of my small quilts.
The project I'm working on now is based on another Jo Morton pattern. I didn't make it as big as the pattern and added my own applique to the center. I hope to get it quilted in the next couple of days.
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Friday, January 27, 2017

My Quilting Projects 2016

With so much going on last year, it wasn't a stellar year for quilting but I did get some fun projects finished. 
First I made these four seasonal quilts for a lady that had seen them at the Utah Quilt Guild annual retreat in September 2015. They are my designs and I need to make a set for myself! I finished them in January.

I joined a Jo Morton Little Women's class and made the following quilts. We were supplied with a pattern and fabrics each class. If you joined this class and your quilts do not look anything like these, don't be surprised. I'm still incapable of making anything completely according to instructions!
My first quilt is pretty close to the instructions with only some minor fabric changes. It is called Irish Windmill.
Next came Cheddar Handles. My baskets do not have cheddar handles but the do have cheddar flowers. Again I made some minor fabric changes.
The next project was called Chadstone Medallion. I made my version twice, first using Christmas fabrics with a snowflake panel for the center.

Then I repeated my version using some of the fabrics in the kit. The center applique is my design. I love both versions.
 The next quilt we did in the class was a small sunflower quilt designed by the teacher. It's called Prairie Sunflower and is designed by The Flying Geese Log Cabin. Again I made some minor fabric changes.
I wasn't able to finish all the project provided in the class but I'm grateful I took it. I learned some very helpful skills that I'll use often in the future and I'm not sure I would have completed these projects without the motivation provided by the monthly meetings.
Lastly I finished a little quilt from a kit that a bought I good many years ago. I cut out the pieces a couple of years ago and finally finished it the first part of December. 
 I added the tiny snowman buttons. My intention had been to add small red buttons, but I didn't have any that matched so I was thrilled when I found the snowman ones in my button stash.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It's Been A Long Time...

It's been more than a year since my last blog post. Things got difficult around here and I found that I just didn't want to talk about it. So just exactly has been happening here. To start with in the fall of 2015 our dear little dog Oliver was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disease.  
We were given hope that if we could get the flair-up to subside, he had a chance to live if not a full life span at least a good many years more. Sadly he did not respond well to the milder meds and was put on really heavy duty stuff. Sadly the meds destroyed his bone marrow and he passed away in early 2016. 
The house felt pretty lonely without Oliver so for my birthday I received this little guy. His name is Nicholas because he is a Christmas baby.

Although he is very peaceful here, he was a bit of a challenge. I have honestly never had such an energetic, mischievous puppy, but it's getting better. He is slowly learning the rules and becoming more civilized each day.
This summer my husband and I decided that our home just wasn't working for us. The house was fine and we loved living near our son and family, but the neighborhood had gone downhill and a few of our neighbors had become intolerable. We sold our house and moved in October. It was very stressful because the house sold a week and the house we were going to buy didn't work so we were in a bit of a panic. We did finally find a house, but the whole move depended on a series of steps that very nearly didn't fall in to line. We are in our new home now and it's beginning to feel like home. Of course there are many things left to do, like paint and other decorating tasks, as well as a yard to put in. We are taking it step by step and will eventually get there.
This is Nicholas a few days after we moved. It was very scary for him, but he adjusted fairly quickly. 

Right around the time we were moving my younger sister called and said she had lung cancer. She had surgery and it was turned out it was an infection rather than cancer. We were all encouraged thinking that an infection was much more treatable than cancer. That didn't turn out to be the case and Tena passed away eight days before Christmas. As my brother(the oldest sibling)expressed, the youngest child shouldn't be the one to die first. We are all missing her greatly.
Tena 1953-2016       
I must say I'm glad to see 2016 pass and am hoping for a much better year in 2017.
I have been able to get some quilting done this year, but this post is getting very long so I will save that for the next post.