Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September's Mini

Just in under the wire, here's September's Mini. I was wondering what to do for September when I received an email asking if there is a pattern for a mini Dresden quilt I made to honor my Mom( if you would like to read the original post go here). The instructions for this one were a little harder to write but they are done to the best of my abilities. So without further ado here it is.

The Dresden Plates in the pattern I have provided are slightly different. The quilt pictured has thirteen blades in each Dresden, the pattern has twelve. I intended to make a twelve bladed Dresden and drafted the pattern a little wrong and had to add number thirteen. The pattern has been corrected and your finished quilt if you choose to make traditional Dresden Plates should look like this.

Here's my completed traditional block. Yea! It has twelve blades.
I have also included a foundation pieced version.
Here's my foundation pieced block.
You can find the entire pattern here.
As always if you have any questions, feel free to email me.
I hope you enjoy this pattern!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Busy Month

If you are looking for this month's mini quilts I'm going to be a few days late. It's been a very busy month. First of all, I needed to complete four seasonal mini quilt for a basket I donated to our guild. It was auctioned off at a silent auction for the Utah Quilt Guild last week. I promised your finished pictures so here goes.
The Complete Basket
All finished and given away(sigh of relief)! 
I also had a wonderful visit from my son, his lovely wife, and my sweet grandson. They are from the bay area and we love their visits. My son and his family that live nearby also spent a lot of time with us. It's so fun to have them all here and watch these little cousins play together.
The only trouble is that they are growing up so very fast.
Yesterday was our grand reveals and beginning of the new year at Block of the Month at a local quilt shop. Here's my quilt using blocks from the past year. I only completed 16 of the available 24, but it was enough for a cute baby quilt.

It's always fun to begin a new year of blocks. Our theme this year is nursery rhymes and our fabric choices are red and white, and pastel thirties fabrics. I think that I'll do both. I'll try to keep up and show you them month by month.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Win, Winter Block, and Something Different

I was lucky enough to be chosen by the Sew4Home blog to receive a fat quarter stack of Downton Abbey Christmas fabric. If you haven't visited Sew4Home you really should. It has wonderful free projects, helpful tutorials, and interesting product reviews. Click here to visit their site. Now for the pictures! First the fat quarter stack.
Now the fabrics spread out.
Aren't they pretty!
I finished the winter block of my four seasons quilts and have to say I'm liking it. 
I'll be back with all four seasons quilts when I finish quilting them.
Finally I've been working on some gifts for my granddaughter. The first was supposed to be for Easter, but the fear mental block raised it's ugly head and I just overcame it and finished them about a week ago. Both of these projects are made from "Mellie" panels and complete instructions included. That said I didn't make mine like instructed(if you follow my blog regularly you may be sensing a trend). So without further ado. Here is poor little flat bunny.
She need some stuffing and clothing badly. Here she is completed.
I finally deliver her last week to my granddaughter last week. She was loved. 
I also made Lola the Ladybug. She will be part of my granddaughter's first birthday gift. The party is this evening!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

August Miniature and Small Quilts with a Free Pattern

It's August 20th and time for this months free patterns. I hope you are enjoying these patterns. I would sure love to see any projects you make from them, just send me a photo or link. My email is in my profile. So now on to the projects. 
First the mini.
Again the blocks measure 2 3/4" square and the quilt finishes at about 8 1/2" square.
Now for the small quilt.
The blocks measure 5 1/2"square and the quilt finishes at 17" square.
You can download the instructions here.
I hope you enjoy these patterns!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Finish and Three New Projects

First let start with the finished project. My great nephew is getting married(does that make me sound old or what). For his fiancee's shower I made a set of pot holders to go with our kitchen themed gift. I tried to pick colors I thought they would like. I think the hearts in the background are appropriate.
Now for the new projects. I'm making set of 12 1/2" season blocks to go on a table top stand. These will be donated as a raffle basket to the Utah Quilt Guild from the local guild that I belong to. I've had a lot of fun designing and making them. I still lack the winter block but it's ready to sew. Completion is in sight!
The buttons are not sewn on yet. I'm waiting for the quilting to be completed. I'll be back with the winter block pictures soon.

Monday, July 20, 2015

July's Miniature and Small Quilt with a Free Pattern

First let's start with July's quilts and patterns. They are a little more difficult than last months which was very easy, but still pretty easy and a lot of fun to make. First is the mini.
The block size on this one is 2 3/4" and the whole quilt finishes at 8 1/2".
Next is the small quilt.
 The block size on this one is 5 1/2" inches and the finished quilt measures 17".
You can download a pattern for these two quilts here.
I had considered a linky for this post but decided against it. I would, however love to share your versions of these quilts just email a picture or a link to your blog post and I will include it in my next post(which will be sooner than a month from now). My email is in my profile.
I thought I'd share with you a few tools that I use when I'm foundation piecing.
Number one is a ruler called "Add a Quarter". It is twelve inches long and the side without the numbers is thicker and 1/4" wide. When you fold your paper back to trim the seam the thicker area is placed next to the paper allowing a quick accurate cut with a rotary cutter. 
Number two is a similar ruler called "Add an Eighth". It is six inches long and cuts an 1/8" inch seam. This is perfect for the miniature version.
Number three is a very small cutting mat that I keep next to my sewing machine so that I can trim the seams without going to my cutting table.
All of these tools are wonderfully handy but not essential so if you don't own them you can still make these quilts!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

June's Miniature and Small Quilt with Free Pattern

I've had enough interest in making some mini quilts so I will be posting a quilt with a pattern once a month for at least June through December. I had couple of people ask that I start with "Star Shine" but I decided to start with the easiest first. Do not despair "Star Shine" is slated for next month. So without further ado here's this month's quilt Rail Fence.
The Miniature Version
The Small Version
 As you can see, the small version still needs quilting and binding. I will be binding it with white.
The miniature quilt finishes at about 8 1/2" and the small quilt at about 17". 
The pattern can be downloaded or printed here. I hope you enjoy these patterns! If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them. I'm thinking maybe we'll need a linky to share this months quilts. Perhaps along with next month's quilt so you will have an entire month to work on them. What do you think?