Friday, October 30, 2015

Finally October's Small Quilt

Sorry to be so late with this pattern. It has been a very busy month with three birthdays, a retreat, and a blog hop so the pattern I originally planned just didn't happen(you will get that in December). I decided to write up the pattern for the little quilt that I used for the blog hop. It is similar to the pumpkin pattern in that post but with a few changes and it's smaller. I made it for my son Matt's birthday so I called it "Matt's Halloween Quilt".
As you can see it fits a 12" x 14" table frame perfectly. When I quilted the pumpkins I felt there was not enough contrast between the pumpkins so I blanket stitched them.
Here is the link to the instructions. 
I hope you enjoy this pattern!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy Halloween Haunts 2015

Halloween Haunt 2015
Note: I have fixed the link on the last pattern.
Welcome to my post for Halloween Haunts 2015. Sorry to be a little late! Many thanks to Marian to organizing this hop!
For my projects I chose two birthday gifts that I made for my family. First I made  my wonderful daughter-in-law a fun little fall table stand quilt. She loves fall so the quilt reflects that. The pattern is a Debbie Mumm but I changed it to fin the frame. She loved it!
 The next project I designed and made for my oldest son. When they visited this fall his little son loved pumpkin quilts, so pumpkins it was.
And without all the staging.
I have a few patterns in my giveaway projects that you might enjoy making.

These can be found in the tabs at the top of the page under Free Block of the Month 2012. 
This pattern can be found here
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