Saturday, February 28, 2015

February's Projects

Just thought I would sneak in a post under the wire for February. 
First of all is a quilt that I finished towards the beginning of the month. I haven't posted about it earlier because this quilt was really a challenge and sometimes it takes a while to recover from these kind of projects and decide if you like them. I've finally decided that I do like it and I can't see the imperfections as well now that a little time has past with the quilt folded away out of sight. Maybe by Christmas, when I'll hang it, I'll really love it. This quilt started out as a project for our guild's yearly challenge in August of last year. Then other things came up and it got shelved until the end of January. I designed, sewed, and quilted it myself including the appliques. You can click on the picture to see a larger, clearer version.
My next project is the block of the month that our guild is doing this year. The center of the block picture below is the actual block. It is a six inch Flock of Geese block. I wanted to end up with a quilt large enough to fit a double bed so I decided to add on the the block until it measured twenty inches. I used my Accuquilt feather dye and circle dye to cut the appliques, so they were fast and easy. I still need to machine applique them. I'm going to repeat the outer portion of the block each month but the center will feature the monthly blocks. This quilt will be done in reds, pinks, greens, and various blues with the background always the pale golden yellow.
Finally I realized that I hadn't shared this years BOM that I participate in through a local quilt store. The year always starts in September for this one. The theme this year is Route Sixty-six and although I'm not planning on making my quilt to reflect the theme, I'm enjoying making these blocks. We are given instructions for two blocks each month but we are only required to make one of them. At first I only intended to make the one block but I've changed my mind, so I have some catching up to do. Here's the ones I've made so far. There will be more blocks with more than two colors so the red, yellow, and white one will have company.