Thursday, January 29, 2015

Two Baby Quilts

I started these baby quilts clear back in August and decided it was time to get them finished. First is one a made from a couple of panels by Pam Kitty Morning. I used fabric from the same collection for the sashing and borders. I love the old fashioned feel of her illustrations. They remind me of the picture books I used to read as a child. 
 The second is a quilt pattern from McCalls Pattern Company. The pattern number is M6721. However my quilt looks nothing like theirs, I bought the patterns because I loved the appliques. I wanted a square quilt instead of something to fit a crib so I improvised. I think it turned out really cute. I love the bright happy colors. This was a really fun quilt to make. The appliques are large and easy to sew around.
I'm now working on another project that I started in August. August was a good month for starts last year, but not so good for finishes! I hope to have pictures soon.

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Train Quilt

My oldest grandson loves trains and asked for a train quilt. I wanted to make one that would be appropriate for a good many years to come, so that means nothing too juvenile and that wasn't easy. There are many cute baby patterns out there but not so many that would appeal to a child as he gets older. I finally found one on Etsy by Rebecca Ruth Designs called "Night Train". Of course, I made changes to suit my project and added large borders so it would fit a twin size bed. The quilt was fun and went together fairly smoothly.
The borders are an all over train print designed by Kate Ward Thacker for Kaufman Fabrics.
Here's a close up of the the pieced center.
 And of course we need one of my dear grandson "sleeping" ;)!
I had a pretty productive week last week and managed to finish the two baby quilts I was working on. I will be back later this week to show them to you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Quilt and a Sweater Set

I made both of my grandsons quilts for Christmas this year. My younger grandson loves rockets and space, so his quilt had to have a space theme. Here's his quilt.
 I had bought the panels that I used in this quilt a couple of years ago, but the background of the panel just didn't work so I cut out each illustration and surrounded it with blue star fabric. This quilt was fun and easy and the lady that I had quilt them did a wonderful job. The space ship border fabric matches the curtains that I made him last summer. 
 I knitted my new granddaughter a sweater and hat for Christmas in a lovely soft coral yarn. I actually made the hat twice because I misplaced the first one and after an extensive search, I decided it was just easier to make a second. I have found the first one so she has a spare. It's still a little big for her but should be perfect for spring.
 I hope to have pictures of my older grandsons quilt soon. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Finally a Finished Project to Share

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We did around here. All the family was home and we were able to spend almost a week together. I did a good amount of sewing for Christmas and didn't take pictures. I will try to get some and show you later. Finally when the everything settled down and I had time to sew, I decided it was time to get my cross stitch quilt sampler ready to hang. The patterns are from the Little Miss Shabby blog. As always, I embellished and, in the case of one block, replaced with one of my own. I also designed and added sashings and a border. The original pattern had a more modern look, mine is more me. I then added pieced fabric borders and it's ready to hang.
 I hope to get a couple of baby quilts quilted this week. The tops have been quilted for a while. I will take pictures!