Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So what have I been doing in January?

OK so I admit January has not been a terribly productive month, but I have been working on some projects. The Christmas stocking quilt is claiming some of my attention, more on that in a later post. I have also been working on a counted cross stitch project. It's designed by Peg Fraser and I found the chart in Australian Country Threads, vol. 2 no. 12. As I usually do, I have changed a few of the colors. I have nearly finish the center portion and I think I'm going to turn it into a sampler. You may notice in the photo that I use a old fashioned metal hoop. We live in the desert so rust is not a problem and I really like how the metal hoop grips the fabric.

I mentioned in October that I joined a block club though a local quilt shop. It is now month five and I have completed all my blocks up to date. In recent months some of the ladies have been bringing their blocks to class and showing what they are doing with them. One the ladies is using a vintage embroidery pattern in the center and another a vintage applique, so I have been think about what to do with mine. I sat down a couple of weeks ago and designed some blocks utilizing each months blocks. The blocks that I designed uses the monthly blocks in the corners of the new block combined with five other blocks. To make a long story short, I finally finished my first block. Pictured below are the January blocks and my new blocks combined to make a large block that measures 18" by 18" finished.

I made the January block first to be sure that I have my blocks finished in time for the February meeting. I'm feeling quite happy about it and can't wait to get to the other blocks. However, they are on hold for a short time because while I was sewing I realized that my sewing room was really bothering me. It still has the builder's awful paint, kind of a pinky beige non-washable. My husband and I are now painting. When I finally get the sewing room into shape I will post before and after pictures.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

PhD's (Projects half Done)

Just noticed how long it's been since I posted. I been busy part of the time taking down Christmas and restoring the house to order and also a little lazy. I've been reading and generally vegging, but now it's time to get something done. I have, in all fairness, done some work on a block of the month our guild provided, more about that in another post.

Now onto the PhDs, Myra at Tactile Pleasures...in Fabric organized the challenge. The rules are:
1. Pick as many old shelved projects as you want.

2. Finish them before June 30, 2010.
3. Blog about them.
So here goes... I picked seven projects and am hoping I didn't pick too many. I chose mine because they are the ones that have been sitting around the longest so they are bugging me the most. I only wish they were half done (you will see what I mean)!

Project One, Can't Cut the Fabric Big Block Lap Quilt
This one is the closest to completion. Just needs borders and quilting.

Project Two, Twelve Days of Christmas
This is the oldest project. I need to finish machine appliqueing the blocks (about half are done), sash, add borders, and quilt.

Project Three, Santa Wall Hanging
It's cut out and ready to assemble.

Project Four, Baby Bugs Baby Quilt.
I've picked the fabrics and drawn the blocks (I copied them from the fabric). I actually have made this quilt before and given it away. The finished version is shown in the second picture. This one will be a little different because I don't have the enough of the bug fabric to make it exactly the same.

Project Five, Honeyberries Full Size Quilt
Everything is cut out and half of the blocks are sewn.

Project Six, Comforts of Home Lap Quilt
Everything is cut out. The small blocks for the pieced strips are sewn. I just need to assemble the pieced strips, sew together, add borders, and quilt.

Project Seven, Simple Elegance
It's cut out.

So do you think I can do this?