Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here are the latest two quilts that I have finished. They are both miniature quilts. The one with sunflower border is 11 inches square. The smaller blocks are 1 inch square. The pattern is a variation of a quilt published in "The Miniature Quilter" magazine, with a Carol Doak block replacing one of the original blocks (remember I said I very seldom follow all the instructions). I wanted a brighter, happier quilt than the original. The other quilt is called Mom's Dresden Plates and is my design. I thought about my Mom (who passed away last fall at age 96) while I was making it because when we would go to quilt shows, she would always admire the Dresden Plate quilts. She also loved the reproduction 30's fabrics. I think they took her back to when she was newly married and had a young family. The blocks are 4 inches square and the overall measurements are 15 inches by 19 inches. I'm going to make more small quilts with this fabric. I have a very empty wall in my kitchen.

Monday, May 11, 2009

First post

My first post, not really sure how to start. I guess a start would to tell you a
little about myself. I love all things to do with quilting and hope in time to be able to learn how to do most of them. I love color and design and use plenty of both in how I quilt. I love to do my own thing and very seldom follow all of the instructions. Most things turn out, some don't but nobody gets to see those. I especially love to make things for my family and they seem to like them too! I belong to a local quilting guild and enjoy the inspiration and ideas they provide.
They say misery love company but so does accomplishment. It's nice to have someone pat you on the back and say good job. This is my second guild and I find they keep me going.