Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some More December Finishes & Some Lovely Ornaments

I finished (barely in time) some stockings I have been working on for literally years. I started them about 15 years ago, then shelved them for several years while I learned to quilt. In the last few years, I have been determined to finish a stocking for each family member. Two of the stockings, for my son Matt and his wife Joanne, were completed a few years ago and I don't seem to have any pictures. That is one good thing about blogging, it forces you to document items as you finish them. Since then I have been completing the cross stitch, but not assembling the stockings. Three days before Christmas I decided that the stockings would not wait another year, so I put in a very full day completing them.
husband Dave choose the Night Before Christmas.

I wanted a Christmas Sewing Room. I especially liked the sewing machine because that's the kind I learned to sew on. Mom thought we wouldn't be able to sew our fingers as easily if we provided the power.

Jacob wanted a workshop.

Amanda wanted a horse drawn sleigh.

Jessica couldn't choose between the angel stocking and the sampler stocking so I combined them.

Now last but not least are some wonderful ornaments that my friend Teresa at Moonvalley Quilter made for me. She sends me the at least one homemade ornament every year so I'm getting a great collection. I really appreciate them and look forward to my Christmas package every year.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After Christmas

It's the day after Christmas and finally I can relax and breath and enjoy the tree. It has been an extremely busy December. I made quite a few of my family's gifts, which I very much enjoyed doing. So without further ado I will show you what I have been doing. For my oldest son, Matt, and his wife, Joanne, I made a table runner to match the tree skirt that I made them last year. I designed both projects. I love the bright fun fabrics.

I also made them a miniature quilt. It is about 11 inches square.

For my next son, Jacob, and his wife, Amanda, I made a wall hanging that matches the tree skirt that I made for them last year (sorry I don't have a picture of their tree skirt).

I also made them some shopping bags.

For my daughter, Jessica, I made a nightgown. It doesn't seem like as much but she is not as settled yet and hasn't very much room for storage or display. Although we were talking and decided that I could start on a tree skirt and some Christmas items and she could leave them at our home until she has a home of her own. So next year....

I also made this Debbie Mumm snowman wall hanging for my best friend, Teresa. You can find her over at Moonvalley Quilts.

And last for this post, I made this table runner for my brother, Jack, and his wife, Andrea.

I made another couple of gifts but haven't taken pictures yet, so I will show them to you in future posts. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the rest of your holidays!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Virtual Quilt Show

This is a table runner that I made for my sister about a year and a half ago. It is approximately 17 inches by 36 inches. I fused the border and the poinsettias to the background and then surrounded everything with gold lame' bias. It gave me a chance to use the beautiful, formal, Christmas fabrics by Hoffman that I have always loved. I especially love the metallic accents in the fabric. I have also made myself one. It is my original design and is made to coordinate with a tree skirt (pictured below) which is also my design. I have published the pattern for the tree skirt and hope to publish a pattern for the table runner as well.

Here is a picture of my runner and tree skirt in use. I use it in a small somewhat Victorian parlor in my home. The room is a quiet peaceful place to unwind with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. I hope you enjoy it and all the Christmas quilts in SewCalGal's Virtual Quilt Show.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Wonderful Trip and Christmas Exchange Ornaments

We spent a week in the San Francisco Bay Area over Thanksgiving. We stayed with my son and daughter-in-law and my daughter visited often. The weather was beautiful and we had a wonderful time. No pictures, I did't take my camera. My daughter-in-law and son are great cooks and we ate great food and not just on Thanksgiving, but the entire week. We toured around a bit and hit one fabric store and an interesting lace store that was part store and part museum. We also ate in some of San Francisco's many great restaurants. My daughter-in-law did some sewing and I had fun giving her pointers. She is a novice, but is learning quickly. She made some wonderful napkins and table runner that made the Thanksgiving table look so pretty. My daughter felted little birds and flowers, something I had never seen done before. They were so cute and it was fun to observe the process. My husband took some pictures of our totally spoiled cocker spaniel before we left. He was feeling very depressed, as he always does when the suitcases come out. He stayed with my sister and had a great time and became best friends with a huge cat that lives there.

Now on to the ornament swap. This was put together by Daisy's Quilts and Clare's Craftroom. Thanks so much ladies! It was great fun. I had a wonderful partner. Here's the ornament she sent me. It looks so pretty hanging on my tree in the great room.

Here's the ornament that I sent her. I had fun designing an
d making it. I have never designed a cross stitch ornament before and was both surprised and pleased with the result. I think I will try to do this every year.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November Finishes and a Free Pattern

It's been quite a while since I last posted. I've been really busy. In June I was working on some Christmas projects, then I had to put them aside for other things. So now that Christmas is quickly approaching, it seemed like a good time to get them out and finish. I actually bought this fabric last year intending to finish it before Christmas 2008. I had good intentions, but was short on time. I bought a lot of this fabric because I really didn't know what I was going to do with it. Guess what, I used all but a few scraps! All the items that follow are my own designs. So here goes...

First, Santa and Frosty Wall Hanging
This will go over the mantle in the TV room.

Second, the O' Christmas Tree table runner.
It goes on the coffee table in the same room.

Third, is something new. I wanted a mantle scarf. So after much thought and planning, this is what I came up with.

Fourth, I had some fabric left so I decided we needed an advent tree. There are 24 tiny buttons on the tree and there should be 24 ornaments, but I lost one. So I have to get to Joann's and get another one.
Last but not least, I finished the tree skirt show in an earlier post. I quilted it by machine and bound it with ric rac tucked in the binding. The pattern for this tree skirt is my gift to you Please feel free to make it for yourself, but please don't copy it for resell, or make this item for resell without my permission. Click here to download a pdf of the pattern. Enjoy and have a happy thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Last Birthday Gift for a while...

Okay the fall rush of birthdays is over. The final one is for my niece Ruth Ann. This girl knows how to celebrate, we went to a fancy French restaurant for lunch. Then hit our favorite shopping spots. Then onto supper at a wonderful Italian restaurant, then cake and presents at home. I made her a quilt top with Peppermint Cottage fabric from Clothworks. We were at a quilt show vender's mall and she saw it with punch needle accents and fell in love, so I knew exactly what she would want. She will do the punch needle part then I will either quilt it or show her how to quilt it.
Now on to Christmas!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Beautiful Sunset and Two More Gifts

I caught this sunset the other day and thought I would share. I live in a valley sandwiched between two mountain ranges. When the sun is going down it often catches just the top of the eastern range and turns it glowing pink. The shadow keeps creeping up and up the mountain until only a few clouds are left to reflect the color.

On to the gifts...
The first is a set of shopping bags that I made for my daughter. Again these are made using a pattern on a tutorial on "Notes from Terry Ann". It is a great pattern. Jessica loved them and the other goodies I sent.

Next is a set of Christmas pot holders and a tea towel made for my younger son's birthday. The pattern is by Nancy Halvorsen. I love her whimsical designs. Jacob was very happy with them.
Birthdays are almost done. All that's left is my niece's tomorrow. I will show you what I made in a day or so, when she has opened her gift.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Birthday Gift

As I told you in an earlier post, fall is birthday time around here. This time it is my lovely daughter-in-law Joanne. I wanted to make her a tote bag. I didn't want to quilt it because I wanted a smoother, less country look. After going through all the tote patterns I could find and not finding one that was just right. I designed one myself. I really like how it turned out, it's just big enough to throw in those book, papers, knitting, but not so big that you feel like you are carrying a suitcase. I loved the fabric. I'm finding myself attracted more and more to the large, fun, somewhat retro prints available now. I used a heavy, non-woven, iron-on interlining, with a very, very heavy fusible in the bottom of the lining to give the bag shape. There two pockets, one with a zipper.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Something Different for Me.

I have been working on a wall quilt that is quite a different project than I usually do. I found the pattern in "American Patchwork and Quilting" October 2009. It is called "Stepping Stones". I love the layered look of the quilt. The quilt in the magazine was made in batik fabric and to me the design called for stronger, more graphic fabric. The fabric I chose was a Christmas gift from last year along with some other fabric from my stash. I love the way it turned out. The pattern is a delight to make. So fun and so easy. Forgive the pins, the quilting is not complete.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday Gift

My oldest son's birthday has come and gone. The gifts are opened so now I can show you what I made him. I made these 3 shopping bags. They are from a tutorial on "Notes from Terry Ann". They are quite easy to make and don't take too awfully long. Hers are one color but my motto is why just use one fabric if you can use two. My son took them shopping on his birthday and said they are the perfect. size. Thanks Terry for the great tutorial.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wow Two Posts in One Day

Can you believe it! I wanted to participate in Park City Girls Quilt Festival-Fall 2009 so here we go. She asks that you display your favorite quilt and right now that is a tree skirt I designed and made a few years ago. At the time I wanted to make very formal, glitzy tree skirt for my formal living room tree. I couldn't find a pattern I liked so I decided to make one up and it actually worked. I also love Christmas fabric that has gold metallic in it so I was able to accent that with metallic gold bias. The fabric is Hoffman. I hope you like it.

Here is a detail picture.

I've been sewing but...

I've been making birthday gifts for my kids and until they open them I can't show the items here. I also made a pumpkin quilt like the the one I made my daughter-in-law for her birthday. It looks exactly like the one on my title banner, so you have already seen it. So...I thought I would show you a Halloween quilt I made in 2004. I designed it and wrote the little jingle on it (this will illustrate why I quilt instead of writing poetry). I entered it in the 2004 Miniatures From the Heart contest and took first place in the holiday category. The quilt was never in the magazine because that was the year that they quit publishing, but I won some very nice prizes. I hope you like it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

BOM and Witches

I just finished making the first blocks for a block of the month project through a local quilt store. It is a great deal. You pay $5.50 for the fabric to make your first set of blocks and then if you show up monthly with your blocks made, you get the next month's fabric free. This year's theme is the Oregon Trail. For any who don't already know, this was the main pathway west before the railroads were built. The store owners give a little history lesson and then a monthly block. This month's blocks are called "Hole in the Dugout". The dugout refers to early homes built on the plains. The homes were actually dug into the side of a hill and then sod was used to construct the rest of the walls. Sound's rather uncomfortable! Here are my blocks.
Now to the witch part...My sister, my niece and I went to a nearby shopping area that is rather unique. It is an old grain mill surrounded by small historical homes. The mill is converted into a restaurant and furniture/gift shop. The surrounding homes are small shops. Every October they have a large Halloween witch display. Here are a few that we especially enjoyed.

This next witch apparently is not a careful flier!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I've been busy, not quilting but...

I've been sewing curtains for the family room off the kitchen. This is my room. My husband has his own TV room downstairs. I've had blinds up for about 2 years. I also had valences, but I still want to soften the look so I added curtains to the sides of the windows and added detail to the valences. I wasn't so sure they would look as good as I had pictured in my head, but I actually am happier with them I thought I would be. It will be nice to get back to quilting. The curtains are so big and seemed really heavy as I was sewing. Now on to something smaller scaled.

Great Give Away

Sweet P Quilting and Creations is having a great give away. She is giving away a new Canadian Quilting Magazine and the fabric to make the cover quilt. It's alway good to see a new magazine come into print. It seems like a number of the ones I used to follow have disappeared and I miss them. So hop on over to her site at http://sweetp-paulette.blogspot.com/ and take a look.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Autumn is in the air here.

Although our day are still quite hot and some of the nights are neglecting to cool down, at times there is a decided snap of autumn in the air. Just a small taste of things to come. The petunias in my garden are starting to look a little tired, but the marigolds, black eyed susans, and chrysanthemums are starting to shine. Fall is birthday time in our family. Almost everyone, except me, has an autumn birthday. My daughter-in-law Amanda starts out the parade and truly loves fall colors and themes. So I made her a wall hanging with a pumpkin that can be used though the season. It about 26 inches by 33 inches. The design is mine. I am so happy with how it turned out that I think I'll make myself one. Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pockets in New Bag

Sue at North Winds Quilting ask about the pockets in my new bag and ask that I post some pictures of the inside. I decided that the easiest way to do that was to turn the bag inside out. The top picture shows the accordian pocket empty. It has folds to accommodate thicker items such a glass case and cell phone in a protective case.

The second picture shows the same pocket with the glass case inside.

The third picture shows the large zippered pocket. The bag and it's pockets are my design to fit my needs. The next bag I make to act as a purse will undoubtedly be different as I learn what works and what doesn't.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My New Bag

I've been working on a new bag, on and off this week and it's finally finished. My poor old purse was about to give up the ghost. I chose the fabrics because I feel they are very versatile and I'm a little lazy and don't like to change bags often. There are two large zippered pockets inside to corral smaller items (I hate things floating around in the way) and two accordian pockets to hold my glasses case and cell phone. I plan to make a matching tote bag to carry my handwork projects. I'll post it when I'm finished.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's finished and delivered! Olivia's wedding reception was tonight and she was a truly beautiful bride and her new husband Riley was a very handsome and nice. They were waiting to open their gifts until after the reception, so I hope they like it! I finished with about 4 hours to spare (not uncommon for me). I think tomorrow I will sit like a lump on the sofa and veg. Then onto a new project on Monday.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Niece's Wedding Quilt

My niece's wedding quilt is mostly cut out, enough to start sewing anyway. The lovely art in the back is a pastel my sister did for Olivia (my niece). She asked if I would mind making the quilt to coordinate with her pastels. I think the colors are lovely and will make a beautiful quilt. Now to get started sewing...