Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Wrap Up

Well Christmas is over for another year. Now I have time to really enjoy my decorations! We were so lucky this year. We had all of our children, their spouses, and our new grandson here. I loved having everyone here, the house was full and happy. Everyone has now left to return to their busy lives and things are back to normal here and I find myself missing everyone. One of the things I realized is that I have got to simplify things and make sure I get more rest and put less pressure on myself in December. So this next year my goal is to have all of my presents made by the first of December and I will try not to come up with new ideas for more projects during December. I'm truly going to work on this one. But after all is said and done, even though I was tired during the holiday, I really enjoyed the season and my family. So it was all more than worth it.
Now if you have stuck with me though all these words, I think it's time for pictures. First here are some aprons I made for my daughter, my daughter-in-law, and one of my sons. I used a Sewing for Dummies pattern and adapted it so that the finished product was just what I wanted.
The next picture is of two bags that I made for my daughter. They are my designs. I have been experimenting with bags for a while now and I'm really happy with these two. My daughter didn't want them quilted with batting and I couldn't find any home decorating weight fabric that I thought she would like. I have tried using iron on interfacing to add body to the fabric, but I wasn't happy with the way it washed. This time I pieced the bags then pinned them to a lighter wight canvas and zig zaged around them and quilted them down(no batting). Then I finished and lined the bags. I loved the feel of them, now we just have to see how they wash.
 This next picture is a lap quilt that I made for my other daughter-in-law and son. They just got a new white leather sofa and love contemporary style. So this free pattern from seemed just the thing. It was a joy to make and even the quilting was fun and fast.
 The final project I have to show you is a small table mat. I made two of these and enjoyed this project very much. One went to my husband's sister and one to Teresa over at Moonvalley Quilter.
 I can't do a Christmas post without a picture of my beautiful Grandson. He is now four and a half months old and so much fun. He got a jumperoo from Santa and loved it. We all sat and watched him, he is just so darned cute.
 I hope everyone out there had a wonderful holiday and I hope your new year is the happiest yet!


Preeta said...

Your finishes are beautiful and your grandson is really cute!!
Wish u a very happy and blessed New Year!!

Joan said...

Great list of 'to do's' I am not game to do that - I have such a lot of UFO's that I mostly forget about. Your GS is just beautiful - they grow up so fast - take many movies of him - they are a wonderful thing to look back on.
Have a wonderful happy and healthy New Year.

Thearica said...

Awww...your grandson is adorable!

And I thought I recognized those fabrics!

I wanted to tell you again how much I love my table runner! I usually do not do table runners...In fact, never have... But you NAILED my colors and used my most favorite quilt pattern that made me fall in love with this one! It is on my table to stay!! :)

Solstitches said...

Well, I think it has been too long since I visited you here as there was so much that I hadn't seen before.
I love the gifts you made for your family for Christmas.
The bags are lovely and the quilt is so colourful - just gorgeous.


SueR said...

Love that lap quilt--just saw it on the cover of some magazine I saw at a friend's house, and I wanted to make it. I went to the allpeoplequilt website but couldn't find it. Do you remember the name of it or where on their website it was?