Friday, June 18, 2010

A Quick Home Decorating Project

 Just thought I'd show you a quick home decorating project I finished yesterday. After painting everything (well almost, at least it felt like everything) the old shower curtain just didn't look good anymore and to tell you the truth, I have never really liked it. It was all I could get at the time. So I decided to get to work and make a new one before I had a chance to get a mental block about doing it. I measured the old one and used it for a pattern. I love the colors and of course the flowers. I also hung some old Holly Hobbie plates that belonged to my Mom. Hope you like it.


sewtakeahike said...

that's definitely the way to go with new projects Jill, strike while the iron's hot! love the holly hobby plates! I had a holly hobby sleeping bag when I was a kid that I just loved!

Yvonne said...

love your shower curtain. You did a great job decorating.

orchidlover said...

Love the shower curtain

Love and hugs Gina xxx