Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some More December Finishes & Some Lovely Ornaments

I finished (barely in time) some stockings I have been working on for literally years. I started them about 15 years ago, then shelved them for several years while I learned to quilt. In the last few years, I have been determined to finish a stocking for each family member. Two of the stockings, for my son Matt and his wife Joanne, were completed a few years ago and I don't seem to have any pictures. That is one good thing about blogging, it forces you to document items as you finish them. Since then I have been completing the cross stitch, but not assembling the stockings. Three days before Christmas I decided that the stockings would not wait another year, so I put in a very full day completing them.
husband Dave choose the Night Before Christmas.

I wanted a Christmas Sewing Room. I especially liked the sewing machine because that's the kind I learned to sew on. Mom thought we wouldn't be able to sew our fingers as easily if we provided the power.

Jacob wanted a workshop.

Amanda wanted a horse drawn sleigh.

Jessica couldn't choose between the angel stocking and the sampler stocking so I combined them.

Now last but not least are some wonderful ornaments that my friend Teresa at Moonvalley Quilter made for me. She sends me the at least one homemade ornament every year so I'm getting a great collection. I really appreciate them and look forward to my Christmas package every year.


Lynda said...

All your homemade gifts and stockings are wonderful! As I was looking at your Victorian Parlor I noticed your white coffee table and end table. I think I have the same set. Did you paint them white? I have considered painting mine black since they are quite worn now but still quite sturdy.

Teresa said...

Jill your stocking look great! We are off to Veg tomorrow. I am not looking forward to this. Talk to you after the 1st...

Karen said...

Beautiful stockings and I love your header photo!

Solstitches said...

What a wonderful acomplishment these stockings are!
They are way too nice to have spent another year in their unfinished state so I'm glad you managed to get them done in time.
Beautiful stitching and finishing!


Myra said...

Hi J! You've got some wonderful Christmas finishes posted! Very nice! 8-)

Myra said...

Thanks for changing the font color J!

How are those PhDs coming along?

Happy stitchings!

Sunny said...

Hi! I found your blog on the quilt bloggers list. Oh my! Those stockings are gorgeous. Such fine work. I wish I had the ability to cross-stitch pieces like those. Beautiful, beautiful beautiful!!!