Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just thought I'd show you why I haven't been sewing...

This is just some of the furniture that I, with the help of my husband, painted. I wanted a lighter, fresher look and think that I managed that pretty well. We, with the help of my son and sister, ragged the walls in the parlor. I'm happy with that also and I'm sure my husband is relieved. This is the second paint job in there in 3 months. The first just wasn't right. I do that sometimes.
I'm done painting now, so it back to the sewing machine. Yea! It sure took longer than planned (what else is new). I'm working on a small wall hanging and hope to finish soon. I'll post pictures tomorrow. Also I must get busy, my niece is getting married August 15th and I have promised her a wedding quilt. I chose an easy but pretty pattern and some lovely fabrics. I am looking forward to starting.

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SueR said...

What a nice home you have, and your furniture looks great. Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you making a wedding quilt for next month.