Friday, January 27, 2017

My Quilting Projects 2016

With so much going on last year, it wasn't a stellar year for quilting but I did get some fun projects finished. 
First I made these four seasonal quilts for a lady that had seen them at the Utah Quilt Guild annual retreat in September 2015. They are my designs and I need to make a set for myself! I finished them in January.

I joined a Jo Morton Little Women's class and made the following quilts. We were supplied with a pattern and fabrics each class. If you joined this class and your quilts do not look anything like these, don't be surprised. I'm still incapable of making anything completely according to instructions!
My first quilt is pretty close to the instructions with only some minor fabric changes. It is called Irish Windmill.
Next came Cheddar Handles. My baskets do not have cheddar handles but the do have cheddar flowers. Again I made some minor fabric changes.
The next project was called Chadstone Medallion. I made my version twice, first using Christmas fabrics with a snowflake panel for the center.

Then I repeated my version using some of the fabrics in the kit. The center applique is my design. I love both versions.
 The next quilt we did in the class was a small sunflower quilt designed by the teacher. It's called Prairie Sunflower and is designed by The Flying Geese Log Cabin. Again I made some minor fabric changes.
I wasn't able to finish all the project provided in the class but I'm grateful I took it. I learned some very helpful skills that I'll use often in the future and I'm not sure I would have completed these projects without the motivation provided by the monthly meetings.
Lastly I finished a little quilt from a kit that a bought I good many years ago. I cut out the pieces a couple of years ago and finally finished it the first part of December. 
 I added the tiny snowman buttons. My intention had been to add small red buttons, but I didn't have any that matched so I was thrilled when I found the snowman ones in my button stash.

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Vicki H said...

All great projects! I especially like the wreath with the cute buttons.