Friday, October 30, 2015

Finally October's Small Quilt

Sorry to be so late with this pattern. It has been a very busy month with three birthdays, a retreat, and a blog hop so the pattern I originally planned just didn't happen(you will get that in December). I decided to write up the pattern for the little quilt that I used for the blog hop. It is similar to the pumpkin pattern in that post but with a few changes and it's smaller. I made it for my son Matt's birthday so I called it "Matt's Halloween Quilt".
As you can see it fits a 12" x 14" table frame perfectly. When I quilted the pumpkins I felt there was not enough contrast between the pumpkins so I blanket stitched them.
Here is the link to the instructions. 
I hope you enjoy this pattern!


Nettie said...

Really, really cute pattern! Thanks for sharing with us. I needed another mini pumpkin quilt for my 12x14 frame too!
Nettie from Spanish Fork, UT

Jackie said...

Thank you for the cute pattern!

Kate said...

You're a sweetie to share your cute pattern - thank you.