Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More Quilts Etc. Blocks

If you read my blog regularly, you will have heard me mention belonging to a "First Saturday Block of the Month" group at a local quilt shop named Quilt's Etc. This year our theme is "Every Barn Tells a Story". We are given instructions for making a basic block that finishes at three inches or twelve inches. We are also given instructions for a barn with the three inch block featured on it. I have decided to do both blocks. Because the blocks are pretty basic, I decided to challenge myself and add hand applique to the twelve inch block. I get the instructions for the block and draw it out on graph paper and design an applique to compliment the block. I have done very little hand applique so it has been a learning experience, but I'm enjoying the process. Here are October's and November's blocks.

 I seem to have an inability to follow instructions and so every month I find myself redesigning the barns and adding more details. This can be a bit interesting and time consuming, but it's fun and makes the barn uniquely mine. I figure these blocks out using my Quilt Pro computer program. Here's my October and November barns. 

 November's barn was a real challenge to put together. I think they are going to be a little more simple from now on...maybe!


Jean Belle said...

LOVE your barns!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Wow....all your blocks look great.

Judy MacLeod said...

LOVE your barns!!! I'm working on some for a quilt for myself, so really noticed them! Unfortunately for me, I like yours better!

Linda said...

Great blocks, your applique looks wonderful on these blocks. It looks like you are having fun with these.

Connie said...

Beautiful blocks and your barns are so neat! On our last road trip I took lots of photos of to make them into blocks like yours! Thanks for sharing.
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Maxine Olinger said...

I just love your Civil War blocks and with the applique on top just makes the block.
I am new and just joined today. Can you tell me more about how this works. I am also new to the "blog" experience.
Do we just get our own patterns and use what you are dong for an example?

Thanks so much for your help and am looking forward to be inspired! AGAIN