Friday, November 22, 2013

November and December's Blocks

This month's blocks come with an explanation and an apology. In looking back over my blog this year, it has been a bit sparse and infrequent. We have spent most of the year trying to sell our house. Things are now looking promising(keep your fingers crossed for us)! It's hard work to keep your house "show worthy" at all times. To cope with it all, I find myself reading instead of sewing. Like I said things are looking promising and we are hoping to move soon. I thought I would give you both November and December's blocks so that I don't have to worry about getting them to you in the process. I'm sorry not to have examples to show again, but I have checked and rechecked the instructions and feel that they are accurate. 
November's Block
 Click here for instructions.
December's Block
 Click here for instructions. 
I will get setting instructions written soon and post them so that you can finish your quilt!


Deb A said...

Oh, I love this in the Christmas colors. I just saved off all the months and my just jump in and make all the blocks for a cute and quick Christmas quilt.
Thank you.

Good luck on the house sale.

Connie said...

Beautiful blocks and I hope you sell your home soon, that has to be hard waiting....Thanks for sharing.
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