Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February Block...Finally!

So sorry to be so late with this post. I will do better next month!
First this block contains a bunch of flying geese so here is a link to my favorite way to make the flying geese blocks and it is the way I have written the instructions to utilize. 
There are quite a few variations of this traditional block, mostly the differences are in the way the "geese" are pointed. This is my favorite, but if you would like to vary the direction your geese are flying, please feel free to make the changes you desire. 
This is the block.
 The scrappy version.
Your can get instructions for making this block here
Here are the January and February Scrappy blocks together.
Here are the regular January and February blocks.

 OK, you may be looking at this and saying, "I thought this was the planned version with fabric purchased for the project, so why are the two backgrounds different"? Well here is what happened, I purchased the fabric before I finished planning the project and didn't buy enough background fabric. When I returned to purchase more, it was gone so I decided to purchase a different fabric and make every other with that fabric. Sometimes your just have to improvise!



Joanie's Quilts said...

My favorite colors red, green and white or neutral. I had to look hard to notice the different background fabrics. Both look lovely. Cute block pattern too.

Anonymous said...

Great block ! I am the queen of improvisation because running short on fabric happens to me often but I love these "happy little opportunities" and often it makes the project even better than my original plan. :)

Connie said...

What great blocks! These would have been perfect laid out in the snow when I had all the goose tracks in the snow! Thanks for sharing.
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Janet said...

Thanks for the print out tutorial for flying geese. They are my least favorite to make. I think it's a mind thing. lol Thanks for the blocks each month. :)

Pomegranate Quilts said...

I love flying geese! You've done such a great job with these, beautiful clean corners and great colours :)

Carol said...

These are beautiful! Thank you for the free pattern!