Saturday, February 18, 2012

Painting Finished (For Now) and Some Blocks

The painting is finished for the time being. I always seem to have more projects pending, but right now I don't think I could stand to look at a paint brush. Kitchen cabinets are not fun to paint, but I am thankful that I only had to do the outsides except for the doors which required both sides. So how about some before and after pictures. Here is the original color, pretty, but I've always wanted white and the finish was not wearing well.
 Now for the after pictures.

 I think they look much brighter. So after all that work I'm happy! We are waiting a couple of weeks for the paint to cure, then the floors will be replaced with oak laminate. The dark floors in the second picture are water damaged from a leaky dishwasher (and now paint). Also the dark finish shows every speck of dust and every dog hair.
Now onto the blocks, I just realized that I haven't shown you my February Blocks of Japan. This is the BOM that I'm doing through a local quilt shop. 
 Again, I must say these have been such fun blocks. I'm really enjoying making them!


Teresa said...

Jill, They look great. I think it makes the kitchen look bigger!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Love the kitchen cabinets in white!
Your blue and white blocks are so pretty Jill!

Fiona said...

your kitchen looks fantastic... does that mean you want to spend more time in there???? I had a lovely browse through your blog and will be back .... l love your blocks... I am working through a book on Japanese blocks (only done 2 so far - I wonder if we will do some similar ones)

Ivory Spring said...

What a cozy kitchen!

Ivory Spring said...

What a cozy kitchen!

Connie said...

I missed this before, the white cabinets in your kitchen look beautiful! The new floor will make you happy too!