Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I've Been a Lazy Blogger!

Sorry I've been such a lazy blogger. I have been sewing, however. First I made these blocks for a block of the month group that I belong to. I'm really enjoying these blocks. Our theme is blocks from Japan and so far these have been fun easy blocks to make. No half square triangles like all the star blocks last year. I'm also enjoying the blue and white. They seem so crisp.

 I also got my tree skirt blocks appliqued and the first border put on them. It's always so good to get that first border on and not have to work with bias edges any more.

 I appliqued them with metallic thread and was in a bit of a panic because I had run out of needles for metallic thread. Finally, I just used a regular one and had no problems. I used Coats and Clark metallic thread and it was wonderful. Much improved since the last time I used it. It fact, I think it was the best that I've used in a while. Now I just have to add another border and then I can sew the whole thing together and my sister can get her birthday present...only 8 months late!

I've also been working on my grandson's Christmas stocking. I'm determined to finish it so he can use it this year. I'm making good progress. I've decided to do all the rest of the cross stitch and then do the outlining stitches on the rest of the stocking. 

I hope you have a wonderful and productive Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by.


Donna said...

The Christmas stocking for your grandson is wonderful!

Ivory Spring said...

WOW! You have definitely been busy!

Myra said...

Love the BOM blocks, and your tree skirt pieces are looking great!
I'm sure Grammy will have that stocking don in good time! Its wonderful!! 8-)
Time for me to start a stocking for my first little guy too...

Sandy said...

You are a busy lady..The cross stitch stocking is nice, any cross stitch project takes a long time. Where did you get the pattern for the stained glass humming bird? Mom and dad had a feeder outside their kitchen window. I made a lap quilt for her - I took a picture of the stained glass window at her home church in WV, and used it as the pattern. She was so surprised..

Marie-José H said...

I love your Christmas quilt in an earlier post. It is so pretty. And I'm glad I saw your blue white blocks because I want to make a blue and white quilt for somebody and I'm still looking for a pattern;-)