Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shopping Cart Cover

I finally finished the shopping cart cover for my grandson's birthday. I really hate it when I see little ones chewing on the shopping cart handle. I found the pattern at Connecting Threads. It was a fun and easy project(when I finally dared try it...major mental block on this one). I really enjoyed using the fusible fleece. I have never used it before and loved it. The following picture is the top of the cover. The pattern had you cut flaps instead of holes for babies legs, but they just looked like something extra to deal with when getting baby in the cart so I cut holes instead. There is a toy hanger and seat belt that is to be threaded through the seat on the cart. The cover velcro's onto the cart.
 When the shopping trip is over the cover rolls up neatly to throw in the car for the next trip.


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Sandy said...

I agree, I don't like to see babies chewing n shopping carts so I made a Tinkerbell cover for our youngest granddaughter. I think my pattern was Simplicity or McCalls. I like that pattern, it's easily rolled for the next trip.