Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another PhD (Project half Done) Finish and Some Other Things

First of all I finished my second Phd and none too soon. Today is the deadline for finishes. I'm really happy with this one. It is so cheerful.
I listed three projects that I wanted to finish this year and have managed to complete two. Number three is not going to happen ever!  I started on it and actually made seven blocks. Then I laid them out and took a good look and hated them. I decided that I really didn't have time to work on something that I'm really not liking. So all these small pieces are going in my 30's scrap bin to be used on another project. I'm thinking a stacked coins quilt for some of them and I have another "started" project that will utilize the squares.
Now on to other things. Yesterday my husband and I heard a weird squawking noise on our back deck. We investigated and found a parrot! This is definitely not a native bird and would not last long on the loose. When my husband opened the door the parrot flew in and landed on the top of the curtains. Then he decided my husband's shoulder was the place to be. 

We asked the neighbors if they knew of anyone missing a parrot and they couldn't even think of anyone who had one. So we ended up calling animal control and they took him to a shelter where hopefully someone will adopt him or his owner will find him.
Now for a new puppy update. Little Oliver is doing well and growing like a weed. The potty training is going pretty good, only a few accidents. He did not like the parrot in our house. It was pretty obvious that in his opinion, birds belong outside. He now knows the command "sit" and obeys most of the time. In fact he sat long enough for me to take this picture. Then of course he got a treat for being so good!



Winona said...

Your quilt is so cheerful. I love it. Hope the parrot finds his people. Your puppy is just adorable!

Anonymous said...

That is a quaker parrot. They can be fun. Many of these parrots can live in the wild although it depends on your climate. The quaker can handle colder temps than other parrots. It is for this reason (and others) that they are illegal in many states. As in my state (PA), they would be euthanized if they are caught. I hope that is not the case in your state for that poor little guy. I owned one for some time. It seemed like that one was a pet one time. I sure hope no one purposefully left it outside!

Cute puppy photo...he sure looks like he could care less about sitting!

Sandy said...

Little Oliver is getting so big.. and he's very cute..
I mailed your Santa sack today and the postmistress said you should receive it on Tuesday. Hope you like it and there's some goodies inside. Have a safe and blessed 4Th of July..

Shannon said...

I love that quilt. Those tiny squares are so cute. Oliver is getting so big. How old was he when you got him? We just got a new puppy on Sunday. He is about 6 weeks old. He is a rescue puppy from a puppy mill. He is so great and a lot of hard work! But we love him.

Vicki B said...

love, love your finished project - cheery, looks like fun to do - great job

Myra said...

Love this quilt, and 2 finishes is wonderful!! 8-)
We can't help when a project is just not working for us... Good call to set it aside!
Wow! A parrot! Obviously someone's lost pet! Poor thing...
Oliver is simply adorable!! Sounds like things are going well... 8-)
Have a great 4th of July!!!