Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another Baby Quilt Finished!

It's finished, quilted, labeled and everything! I'm hoping my little grandson's parents are as happy with the results as I am.
 On a sadder note, our little Cocker Spaniel died one week ago today and left a huge hole in our lives. The house seems way too quiet. As my daughter remarked, he was our empty nest child. Things are slowly getting easier, but he is much missed!


Winona said...

You quilt is wonderful. Of course, they will love it. So sorry about your furbaby. It is hard to say goodbye to them. (((HUGS))) to you.

WoolenSails said...

I just love the blocks in that quilt, I really need to check out the children's fabrics. I have no grandkids yet, but would be fun to make some charity quilts with.

Sorry to hear about your pup, my dog is my constant companion and he is getting older, so hard to think of when that time comes.


Myra said...

The baby quilt is wonderful! Great finish!!!
Sorry to hear you lost your little family friend there... I know what that empty hole feels like... 8-(

Sandy said...

So sorry for your loss. Our "furry children" are just as important to us as our real children. We waited 16 months before we got another dog to help take the place of the one we lost.
The quilt is so cute..