Saturday, December 18, 2010

Secret Santa Christmas Swap, Some Fun Mail, and Christmas at My House Part 2!

Wow! Talk about a long post title. It's almost a post by it's self, but there's a lot going on here. I'm still sewing gifts and (relief) I'm going to finish everything in time for Christmas. Someday I'm actually going to get my act together and do this early (yeah right).
I received my wonderful gift from my Secret Santa in Canada, Leslie. You can visit her blog here. I couldn't believe when I opened my package. A fabulous hand appliqued table topper. 

 It's so lovely there is no way I'm going to put it on a table and risk someone setting something on it so I've hung it in the formal living room.

 Isn't it lovely and this wasn't all. There was also a Santa doorknob hanger and candy (gone, must I say diet after Christmas)! Thanks so much Leslie!!!
This morning I received a package from Janet of "A Hug Delights". I won one of the three books she gave away on her birthday. There was also a cute fat quarter and candy. Thank you so much Janet!
Now to part 2 of my Christmas House.
My front entry is filled with many of the Christmas wall hangings that I and some good friends have made over the years and the table has nutcrackers and greenery. I have been collecting decorations since my husband and I were first married nearly forty years ago. So many bring back lovely memories so they are all pulled out every year. I just can't seem to leave any in the boxes.
I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well and I hope you take a few minutes to stop, breath and really enjoy the season!



Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Wonderful swap gift Jill!

Ivory Spring said...

Oh wow, your Christmas swap gift is gorgeous. And I like how you incorporated your many beautiful quilts in your Christmas decorating.

Solstitches said...

My goodness Jill your house looks just lovely decked out for the holidays.
I love the gorgeous table topper you received in the swap. It is simply beautiful.


Micki said...

that quilt is really something else, and I loved where you put it!

Gail said...

Just visited your blog after a long while and was delighted to see your lovely decorated home with some quilts I remember! Happy Holidays to you and your family!