Monday, November 29, 2010

One Week, One Challenge, Secret Santa Christmas Swap, and more!

Wow just writing out that title was exhausting! LOL! It has been a busy week here, but I decided that I had to participate in Amy's One Week, One Thing Challenge, because I really needed to finish my Secret Santa Christmas Swap project. This post is linked to both sites so if you would lie to see more clink on the icons in my sidebar and see what others have done! So without further ado, here it is finished!!!!
It was so much fun to make that I made another one for a gift that I need. It is sandwiched and waiting to be quilted. I also managed to put together a Christmas banner for my front door. I'll show it to you as soon as I finish it. 
I hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year and all went well...way too much food. I guess I diet this week (maybe). The next day we had family quilting day. I'm teaching my son and his wife, my niece, and my great niece to quilt. This time we did foundation pieced ornaments.  My great niece's is in the upper left, my niece's is the upper right, my son's is the lower left, and my daughter-in-laws is the lower right.
Although the contrast appears fine in the picture, my daughter-in-law's tree had a tendency to get lost, so after some brain storming we decided to embellish and this is the result. 
 Cute, huh!


Myra said...

A wonderful finish, and great ornaments your family made!!! What a wonderful activity to do together... 8-)

Colleen said...

How great you get to quilt with your family! I have always wished to quilt with someone in my family, but no one is interested.

Lindsay @ Me Quilting said...

great secret santa gift! and I love the little practice ornaments, those are great!!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What a beautiful gift for your Secret Santa swap Jill! I know I'd love to get it!

Ivory Spring said...

What a fun family project, and the sweet memories too!

Thearica said...

Jill... I am the recipient of this wonderful table runner!! I have it displayed on my table right now and love it to pieces!

You could not have pleased me any better had you known me for a very long time!

You nailed my colors and the churn dash block is my all time favorite! I kid you not! My granny Ida always loved to piece this block so it brings back fond memories every time I work with it myself! I love the 4 patch you put in the middle of it!

I finally have my quilt made for my partner and will be posting the story of what you sent me and what I am sending to my partner on my blog tomorrow morning.

Thank you so much for everything!

Happy Holidays!!

joan said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I know your Secret santa will love your gift!
Hope you enjoyed taking part in the SS swap.
Merry Christmas.