Friday, October 15, 2010

Winners and a Couple of Projects

Many Thanks to all who entered my giveaway!!! Also Thank You to Debi for sponsoring the giant giveaway!!!!! Now For the winners:
Jessica @BeforeTheDawn
"Thank you for the wonderful giveaways! I would be super excited if I won North Woods Noah!"

"I love the Christmas Tree skirt. If I win, that is what I choose. Thanks for the opportunity."
I will be contacting you shortly via email. 
Now on to the projects. The first one is a bag I made for my daughter for her birthday. She has become interested in quilting and just purchased a ruler, cutting mat, and rotary cutter so she needed somewhere to store them as well as an easy way to transport them. We went to a home decorating fabric store and picked out this cute fabric with elephants. The nice thing about this kind of fabric is that it is very wide usually about 60 inches and a heavier weight than regular fabric. With one yard of fabric I was able to make the bag with a long pocket to hold the ruler and a smaller pocket for the rotary cutter. 
 Sorry the pockets don't show up better but if you click on the picture you should be able to see them!
The next project isn't mine. My daughter and my husband share a birthday. She made him this cute little bear with a technique called felting. She starts with a little piece of colored wool and then adds progressive more with a barbed needle until she finishes. It is a long process and took many hours to make this little guy. The bear is because my husband is a Montana Grizzlies fan. The red sweater is because my husband often wears a red windbreaker. He will eventually have a green and yellow scarf because my husband is a major Green Bay Packers fan.
 This little bear lives in a coolie cover in his Packer's shrine!
 Isn't he cute!


Jessica @BeforeTheDawn said...

Thank you so very much! I am very excited and sent you back an email with my address.

The bag you made for your daughter is a great idea!

I saw a video a long time ago about felting. It looked interesting! I haven't tried it yet. Your daughter looks pretty good at it already!

alice said...

Congrats to the winners!! Both projects are very cute!

Ivory Spring said...

Congrats to the winners.

The bag is so cute - love the fabric. And the bear - I just swooned. I have no doubt your daughter will do well in quilting. She seems to have gotten her creativity from her Mom. :)