Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad

My Dad was a wonderful father. He was born in 1907, second to the last in a family of ten. Grandma always called him her good boy. In a family with more than one high strung, bad tempered individual, Dad's even temper was most assuredly a blessing. This a picture of him and his sister. Dad didn't want this picture taken because Grandma had replaced his lost shoe button with a white one instead of a black one. The photographer promised to black the white one in. I'm glad he didn't!
This is a picture of Dad as a young man. He told stories of riding his horse to the west desert to find the wild horse herd that roamed in the area. He always wanted to go to college, but finances at the time made that impossible. He went on to become a successful farmer and cattle rancher. Dad used to take me to feed cattle with him. I would hold the grain sacks while he filled them. One summer my sister and I helped him harvest the hay. He purchased a piece of machinery that eliminated our job the next summer, so I don't think we were very good.
This is a picture of Dad as a father. Some of my best memories as a child are sitting on Dad's lap while he read the Saturday Evening Post or Life magazine. He let me sound out the words that I knew. It was a proud day when I could read a whole paragraph by myself. Dad always had wise advise and kind words for all of us. He truly loved Mom and allowed no disrespect from us for her when we were mouthy teenagers,
This a picture of Dad as a Grandpa. All the grandchildren loved him and usually ended up sitting on his lap. He loved to hold babies and they always quieted in his arms. When he was older and didn't farm as much, he became a voracious reader, so we always knew what to give him at Christmas and birthdays. He also like to find and restore old furniture. Dad and Mom gave me two beautiful old tables and a china cabinet that they rescued. 
Dad died in 1993. Mom and I were with him. I could tell he was terribly worried about leaving Mom and fought to stay with her. In later years she always remarked that Dad died way too soon and she still needed him. I like to think they are together now. I miss him and wish I could feel his hand on my shoulder again. So to my kid's wonderful Dad and all the other great Dad's out there "Happy Father's Day"!


Yvonne said...

Your dad sounds like an awesome man. Loved your story

Sew Useful Designs said...

What an absolutely beautiful post... I enjoyed reading so much about your dad and your upbringing - thank you so much! x

Vikki :-)