Sunday, May 9, 2010

Memories of Mom on Mother's Day

I just thought I'd share some memories of my Mom on Mother's Day. She was as good a mom as anyone could have ever had. She was one of eight children and my grandmother said she was by far her easiest child to raise. Here is a picture of her as a child. How would you like to iron that little dress, then multiply it by eight because then even the little boys wore lace and there was no permanent press!

Mom was a very talented woman. She sewed, quilted, knitted, crocheted, hooked rugs, painted pictures, reupholstered furniture, made and dressed porcelain dolls, and was an excellent cook. She didn't seem to be afraid to try anything. She always told us it was alright to try and fail, but not to try was unacceptable. Here is a picture of her as a young mother.

Mom was always there for us. I have three sisters and one brother. We all had childhoods out of a storybook. We lived on a farm and I can remember picking corn and walking along the irrigation canals looking for asparagus. I was born when Mom was in her late thirties. Here is a pictures of her as I remember her when I was growing up.

Mom was a wonderful grandmother and great-grandmother. She has twenty-four grandchildren. My kids always loved to visit grandma's house. There were always special meals, ice cream treats in the freezer, and fun projects just for them, plus wild outdoor fun too! Here is a picture of her as a grandma.

Mom died in September of 2008 at the age of ninety-six. I find I miss her more each day and wish I could ask her how to do things all the time. So I wish everyone out there a Happy Mother's Day. I'm sure you are loved!


jiajia said...

What a wonderful tribute to a mom. Very moved by this entry.

Teresa said...

What a great tribute to your Mom. Such a wonderful lady. Have you recovered from the quilt show? I was so tired... Been moving slow the last few days. Woke up to 3" of SNOW :( Oh well, summer really will come I think! Take care.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mother - I enjoyed the post tremendously.

SueR said...

Don't you just love those old black and white photos? They sure bring back a lot of wonderful memories.

Mayleen said...

Thank you for writing about the impact your mother had on your life! She must truly have known what was important in life. Enjoyed the photos, too!