Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pockets in New Bag

Sue at North Winds Quilting ask about the pockets in my new bag and ask that I post some pictures of the inside. I decided that the easiest way to do that was to turn the bag inside out. The top picture shows the accordian pocket empty. It has folds to accommodate thicker items such a glass case and cell phone in a protective case.

The second picture shows the same pocket with the glass case inside.

The third picture shows the large zippered pocket. The bag and it's pockets are my design to fit my needs. The next bag I make to act as a purse will undoubtedly be different as I learn what works and what doesn't.


Teresa said...

It looks good, I'm always digging to the bottom for stuff....

SueR said...

You know, I forgot to go back and look to see if you posted about the pockets. I'm behind with my blogging--story of my life! Anyway, love all those pockets. Did you have a stiffener in the cell pocket to keep the shape? It looks really good.