Sunday, June 28, 2009

Still Not Sewing...Soon I Hope!

Hi, I'm still not sewing. The home improvement projects just keep happening, but I think I'm nearly done. I've been painting furniture, so I can't get the house back together for a while. It has to cure, but the good news is I'm done with the actual painting. My sewing machine is in the shop for a much needed tune-up, so I think I'm going to cross stitch for a few days. Yea!
So once again I' going to post a couple of quilts that I finished a while ago. The blue one is called "Stained Glass Kaleidascope" and measures 8 1/2 inches square. The other one is called "I Love Wild Roses". It is 36 inches square. I designed both quilts.


clare's craftroom said...

Hi Jill , your polka dot swap parcel is on its way !!! Hpoe you like it , Clare .

Solstitches said...

Beautiful! I love your Wild Rose quilt.